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【关于理想与现实的大学英语作文 篇一】

The gap between the ideal and reality

Can you narrow the gap between the ideal and reality? It's the matter many people want to solve. However, there is just so little people can answer the problem. Many of us cannot balance the relationship between ideal and reality.

Some are lost in their dreams and never want to live in reality. They really don't know what they want or not. Maybe, they really don't have an aim. Let alone a life's goal. Some don't know what they will do for they have so many goals of life. They haven't realized that "A man's life is limited". The rest ,a little of the whole people in this world, know what they want, what they should do. And they have a plan to make their dreams, or aims come true.

We can see the differences between these three groups of people. What's the difference?

The success can walk from ideal to reality. Everyone has his or her dreams. Everyone is a great thinker. Everyone is special. People in this world have their own responsibility to others .You need to know that If you want to realize you dreams, you need to help others to make their dreams come true. Win-win is the key to success. Even there is a big gap between your ideals and realities, there's a way to solve it and make your ideals into reality.

We should never give up our ideals. The process of struggling for our ideals is so meaningful to our lives. One of the key elements of life is striving to build our own lives. We need ideals because they can give us a direction to find our way to success. We also should not ignore the importance of knowing the reality of life. In our ideals, there may be just one person. But in the reality, we should interact with different people and deal with many different things in front of us. There is a real gap between your ideals and realities. Fortunately, we can do our best to narrow the gap. Although there is a long way to come to the place full of flowers and applause, we have the ability to try our best to get to them.

Last, I want to say is there is no real contradictory between ideals and realities if you really do the right thing, right job. In turn, if do wrong things, you may lose a great many opportunities to reach the place you want and be a success.








【关于理想与现实的大学英语作文 篇二】

When we are children, there are lots of people ask about our dreams, and our answers most are doctors, policemen, teachers etc. But when we grow up, we have to face the reality, not everyone would realize childhood dreams, and some of these dreams even are unrealistic which will never be able to achieve. Therefore, we need correctly treat the relationship between dream and reality.


First of all, dream is the spiritual power to encourage people progress. Napoleon once said: “He is a bad soldier who doesn't dream of becoming a general”. In the process of growing up, we must want to give up our purpose when encounter difficulties, and at the moment, dreams would be the power for us to insist on.


Second, reality is a reflection of the real environment. Many people think dream is heaven, and reality is hell, but in my opinion, reality is a double-edged sword which makes us keep a sense of crisis. When young people addicted to the unpractical dreams, reality would awaken them which would avoid them make wrong judgment.


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