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我和天才的差别 The difference between me and genius

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One day, I ran into God.
I asked him the question I had been thinking about for years: "why can't I create something that's not in the world? What's the difference between me and genius? "
God nodded a smile, took me into three pictures.
The church is in service, and the wonderful music of praising God fascinates devout believers.
But there was one of them who was not paying attention. At the moment, he was staring at the chandelier on the ceiling. He turned a deaf ear to the hymn. He even forgot that he was in church and in church.
The lamp, which had three ropes hanging from it, was swaying because of the breaking of one rope. The more it swayed, the slower it became.
The man watched the slowing light intently until it stopped completely.
His blood is boiling! He was pleasantly surprised to find that although the more slowly the lamp was swinging, the time for each swing was the same. In order to confirm his discovery, he made numerous experiments in the following months, and finally obtained the "simple pendulum isochronous" law that "under certain conditions, the period of simple pendulum vibration has nothing to do with the amplitude".
He is the great physicist Galileo.
His blind mirror is comically slung on the bridge of his nose, like two black holes.
He was led by his wife with a bamboo pole. He walked on the street of Wuxi with a desolate and arrogant look, and his back was full of various musical instruments. He could hear a part of the noisy desire in the dark slowly moving away from his body, replaced by a chord sliding between his fingers. Oh, this humble bastard, a Taoist who has read Tao Te Ching and is familiar with the soul like spirit, has a pair of sharper ears that grew out of blindness in his middle age, and a broad and generous heart of compassion that is unique to the Oriental world. Therefore, he put the ancient village, the ancient village, the ancient village, the ancient village, the ancient village, the ancient village, the ancient village, the ancient village, the ancient village, the ancient village, the ancient village, the ancient village, the ancient village, the ancient village, the ancient village, the ancient village, the ancient village, the The hearing in the folk village became the most beautiful and desolate music melody in modern Chinese history -- Er Quan Ying Yue
He is the blind ah Bing.
Outside the window is the heavy snow, at the moment, white dominates the whole world.
But he is still a blue cloth single clothes, store foot in front of the window. His body is surrounded by cold, shivering, but his heart is as hot as fire. He is trembling. In the story of the stone, he puts forward the Buddhist expression of "seeing color from the sky, generating emotion from the color, conveying human color, that is, color Wukong". In the ancient Chinese culture, love is regarded as a terrible desire, but he announced loudly: "the reason why people are human is that they have love. Love is the most pure, broad and holy.". The precious jade depicted by him is the embodiment of such a "saint of love" who applies his feelings to all living things.
He is Cao Xueqin, the great master of literature.
The screen slowly closes.
God asked me softly, "have you found the answer now?"
I nodded my head and said, "Galileo's great invention and creation is due to his attention to life, his love for science and his perseverance; A Bing's creation is closely related to a pair of eyes that care about the world and people's heart, and the quality of inner vision and listening,; Cao Xueqin, a visionary and courageous thinker who dares to break through and innovate, is naturally the pioneer of "emotion education". What they have is exactly what we lack. This is the difference between me as an ordinary person and a genius. "
God nodded and readily acquiesced.
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