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少年梦则国梦 Youth dream is national dream

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Great China, five thousand years of long years. The Great Wall, the thick wall is made up of the remains of many children; Thousands of miles of the Yangtze River, the rolling waves are gathered by the tears of many heroes - all these undoubtedly have the support of the Chinese dream.
The Chinese dream is not only the summary of the goals of the Chinese nation for thousands of years, but also the imagination of the Chinese nation's struggle since modern times. It is also the unity and sublimation of individual value and collective value.
Looking back at the years of Cangmang, I still remember Huo Qubing's flying horse, killing countless enemies, starving for meat and thirsty for blood; I still remember Li Taibai's splashing ink and wielding brush. He replaced martial arts with literature. He wanted to fight in the battlefield, but pity Bai Geng; I still remember that Yue Fei's journey was like a mirror, devoted to his duty, buried the mountains and cleaned up the old rivers and mountains.
The rudiment of the Chinese dream is caused by the indignation of these great and fresh lives and souls, or the string of zealous and passionate looking back to death or courageously killing the enemy for righteousness. It is the foreshadowing of people's "watching swords while intoxicated, and dreaming back to the corner" that makes the shining Chinese dream come true.
"If the September 11 incident in the United States has set the tone of this decade on the political stage, it is no exaggeration to say that China's rapid development in recent years has redefined the pattern of the global economy," China Daily said The concept of China dream proposed by general secretary Xi Jinping is a brilliant and resounding summary of China's dream of these years. There is no doubt that we are all interpreting the Chinese dream with our own actions and pursuing the Chinese dream. In these short years, we have successively realized the dream of celebrating the Olympic Games, the dream of highlighting the charm of the World Expo, and the dream of raising China's prestige as an aircraft carrier... However, these first, unique and world leading all have the support of the Chinese dream and the spiritual pursuit of self-improvement. Whether there is or not is not the beauty of a strong country in the world.
However, a soldier from the countryside loves and resents his hometown with jellyfish. He holds the pen in the way of writing as the most sacred soul, and turns the local people's spiritual totem Red Sorghum into a symbol in the history of world literature. He is Mo Yan. Her writing is out of control like a runaway Mustang. She adopts a unique narrative attitude that attaches great importance to feelings, which makes people feel refreshed and sweat after reading. The emergence of the English translation of red sorghum is a great event in English literature. This time we can foresee the vitality and influence of Chinese novels in the 21st century.
The dark green dragon, perched on the top of the East, is slowly opening its eyes. What it shakes out from the vertical pupil is the future that the soul of the Chinese dream is about to go to.
President Xi Jinping said: "the dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation has never been so close. And the harvest of this revival depends on the future success of today's youth. " Our youth is the future of our motherland. Our motherland has spent a lot of money on the upgrading of teaching equipment, and invested a large number of talents in the front line of education, because our youth shoulder the future of our motherland. Liang Qichao wrote in "the dream of Youth China" that "the ambition of youth is the ambition of the country, the wealth of youth is the wealth of the country, and the strength of youth is the strength of the country"; We should let the wild and the courage to pursue dreams gush out of our bones to enrich every corner of our body; We should also have a bigger and more forward-looking dream and realize her with passion like fire.
A strong youth makes a strong country, a rich youth makes a rich country, and a dream for a young man makes a dream for his country!

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